2020 was a hard year. COVID-19 made its appearance, millions lost their jobs as the economy slowed and incidents of systemic racism were again brought to light by the death of many innocent people of color.

This MLK Day, we want to highlight our Black roasters and partners in support of small Black owned businesses and spread the positivity of the jobs they do. We are honored to work with all of these people who roast delicious coffee (to order!) and craft delectable treats for you. From woman owned to working with farmers who practice sustainability, these partners are doing incredible things around the world. We hope you will not only shop them today, but keep them in mind to support them throughout the year.

Coffee Roasters
Everyday People Coffee & Tea


Founded by Jillian and her mom Jacqueline, Everyday People Coffee & Tea Launched in 2018. They are a minority woman-owned small business based out of DC. Their goal is not only to provide single-origin and specialty blend coffee but also to encourage and create awareness based on sustainable farming and practices. They source their green beans directly from co-ops and families ensuring the farmers and farm productions are provided equitable wages to sustain a livelihood that depends on the coffee trade. A percentage of all sales at Everyday People Coffee & Tea help support organizations involving childhood education particularly for at-risk youth and nature conservation efforts to protect our planet.

ByGood Coffee


ByGood Coffee was founded in 2016 by two determined parents Abbey and Darrell Garner who wanted to bring awareness of specialty coffee and loose-leaf tea to the suburbs of Long Island. Their core values are to put people first, listen then respond, innovate continuously and give back to our community.

The story is in the logo - the droplet, coffee starts with a great water purification system, then great roasted coffee, and a highly skilled barista.

ByGood Coffee is focused on roasting the highest quality of specialty coffee, by consistently roasting coffee in small batches to ensure that the customers get the freshest roasted coffee delivered to them. The process in which they select their green coffee is through careful selection of farms, origins and each harvest.

Islamorada Coffee Roasters


Sunkiss. Suntan. Sunburn. The inspiration behind their coffee: Islamorada lives in the Florida Keys.

Danny & Sharon have expanded their education and strengthened their core values within their company to more than just loving their island, although it is their small community that embodies who they are.  They have been growing organically and love the coffee industry more and more each day.

They are a mixed-race couple and former chefs who shifted their olfactory and gustatory senses from cuisine to coffee.  They believe in fairness and equality in all aspects of their lives, combined with their passion and respect for food. 

They endeavor champion this through thoughtfulness for their environment by the omission of chemicals in their foods, how land and animals are protected, the way they recycle, up-cycle, and compost and continuing to learn the best ways to minimize their carbon footprint.

Their practice is to purchase from small family farms when they are able to, so they know the funds go directly back to the source.  They also purchase from a variety of fair-trade and women led co-ops such as Cafe Femenino who encourage education, employment, social integration and independence. 


Sweets & Treats Partners
Judith’s Dessert Boutique


Judith's Dessert Boutique has been preparing delectable treats in Lawrence Township, New Jersey for years. They use only fresh, all-natural ingredients in everything they make. Their commitment to quality is evident once you try one of their delicious, hand-made creations. 

Baker Judith has been baking for family and friends for over 30 years before expanding her business to the public. Judith has had a passion for baking ever since she baked her first batch of cookies. Since then, she has always known she wanted to become a baker, but she never dreamed of opening her own bakery. Today, Judith is not just the owner of Judith's Dessert Boutique - she is also its Baker-in-Chief!


Sol Cacao

Sol Cacao is an artisan “bean to bar” chocolate manufacturer that crafts single origin chocolate bars in the South Bronx (Port Morris). Founded by three brothers, Dominic, Nicholas and Daniel, the Company strives to create the finest quality of chocolate by having a thorough understanding and expertise associated with every step in the chocolate manufacturing process; from growing the cacao pods to the actual crafting of the chocolate bars.


Guilt Free


The Guilt Free Lifestyle™ began with Chef Brandon’s awakening 19 years ago when he went from an unhealthy 300 pounds to a healthy 175 pounds. He discovered his allergic reaction to gluten in February 2013. Knowing that this could put an end to his love for all things sweet, he went into the kitchen like a mad scientist and began experimenting with gluten and grain free recipes.

After 3 months of trial and error, he created his one of a kind Avocado Brownies™ a pastry that was not only free of gluten but also grains, refined sugar, butter, and included organic and local ingredients. Chef Brandon and the team have expanded the menu to include varieties of cookies, muffins, brownies, and custom and vegan desserts.

Since August 2013, Guilt Free Pastries™ has been providing the Memphis area and beyond with a taste of the Guilt Free Lifestyle™.



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