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Our Story

More Than Just Coffee

Welcome to Honey & Roses Coffee Co! We're bringing the coffee shop to you, with our online coffee marketplace, artisan made sweets and sustainable home collection. Our goal is to bring you the best small batch coffee, roasted all over the US, directly to your door. We focus on working with roasters that strongly emphasize sustainable coffee practices and ethical trade. We also like to discover some of the smaller roasters, you may have never heard of, but their coffee will blow your mind. We want to offer you more than just delicious bag of beans. So we hope you enjoy some of our other offerings or at least try some of our coffee. food recipes on our blog. Welcome to the Honey & Roses Coffee Community, sit back, enjoy and enjoy the flight. ( Coffee flight that is :))

 About The Coffee

 Honey & Roses has over 50 different roasting partners around the US. Each one has a different story, expertise and craft, but the quality never varies. The passion of our roasters shows in the coffee they produce. All of our roasters put a strong emphasis on fair trade, organic and ethically sourced coffee farming. Many of them partner with organizations that help support farmers at the source. Our coffee tells you a story from the farm to the roaster, where region and terrain is deeply reflected in the taste.

 About Us

Honey & Roses has a passion for travel and love of quality coffee. We began this journey after years of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures. We know there's nothing like the feeling of waking up in a new place, eager to wander out your door and try a local coffee shop. The immersion you experience while drinking coffee on a trip is something you take with you when you return home, even if you can't take the coffee itself. Our aim is to recreate that feeling for you in the comfort of your own home. The sense of community and caring that small town artisans have for their craft, from where they source their ingredients to how they prepare and serve them, has been the catalyst for us. We provide a marketplace that connects you to these communities around the US and helps support small businesses. Honey & Roses is the best way to shop the greatest small batch coffee roasters  from all over the country, sharing their stories, values and craft with the world.

 Environmental Sustainability 

 After years of traveling, Joe and I came to our own realizations about the impact we were having on the environment and planet. Creating a sustainable brand was imperative from the beginning. We wanted to make sure we created a product that promoted an eco-responsible lifestyle. Our cups and home range allow you to buy stylish, quality, eco-friendly homeware for your everyday life. Enjoying your morning coffee while helping reduce waste around the globe is a huge win!

We hope you enjoy Honey & Roses, where we  journey together to give you the most personalized coffee experience available. Whether you're new to craft coffee or already know what you like, you can reach out to us any time for recommendations or information on our coffees and partners.

Happy Brewing,

 Joe & Ella

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