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Press Releases:

09/20/2021 - Ryan Hansen joins Honey & Roses

06/30/2021 - Honey & Roses to offer Cold Brew Subscription

04/15/2021 - Honey & Roses Coffee Co. Curates the Ultimate At-Home Cafe Experience

03/01/2021 - Honey & Roses to Launch K-Cup Subscription

10/01/2020 - Honey & Roses Launches Sweets & Treats

Honey & Roses in the News:

This online shop prides itself on supporting small businesses.

Honey Roses & Coffee Co. is the digital one-stop-shop for everything you need to enjoy the ultimate foodie experience.

A box of chocolates that'll make an ideal pick-me-up

'The brass spoon set is gorgeous and will elevate the luxury of a kitchen to a new level.'

Where to score free cookies and discounts on National Cookie Day

Style Smart: Honey & Roses Coffee Co

Top 10 Startups of 2021

The Best Accessories and Tasty Treats to Get the Foodie in Your Life This Holiday Season

Honey & Roses Coffee Co.

Interview with Ella Jesmajian, Founder of Honey & Roses Coffee

'you can get subscriptions not just with coffee, but with an extra little pizazz'

Are you feeling Fancy and Fantastical? Honey & Roses Coffee Co. I there for it.
We’re not normally huge fans of coffee subscription services. But we love the fact that Honey & Roses practices ethical sourcing, working directly with 50+ small, local roasters who pay their farmers fairly.

Subscription Boxes: For those who have everything

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Best Foodie Gifts you Can Buy Online and Send Nationwide

Episode 8: Coffee and Goods - Honey & Roses Coffee Co.
Co-Founder Creates the Ultimate at Home Coffee Experience

Digitizing the café experience with Honey & Roses Coffee Co.

Ella Jesmajian of Honey and Roses Coffee: “Your customers will tell you what they want”

Better coffee delivered to your door with the convenience of KCups!

Ella Jesmajian of Honey and Roses Coffee On How To Get Past Your Perfectionism And ‘Just Do It’

**Attention** Cold Brew Coffee Lovers! A Beautiful New Subscription Box Has Landed!! Honey And Roses Coffee Co.

'I was blown away by the beautiful quality of the rose gold French press, and the bamboo tumbler. They make for some beautiful coffee accessories, and I am completely obsessed with rose gold anything!'

  Billion Success

Interview with Ella Jesmajian cofounder of Honey & Roses Coffee

'Ella Jesmajian, is a New York native and the cofounder of Honey & Roses Coffee, an online coffee platform that “brings the best of the coffee shop to your door”. '

   Databox - SharpSpring Tech Partner | App Marketplace

Facebook Advertising Costs: 5 Metrics to Track for Keeping Your Costs Low

'Joe Whiteside from Honey & Roses Coffee thinks this [ROAS] metric is a “key” to track.'

Female Business Owners Share Their Success, Challenges Journey & Advice For Entrepreneurs

'Ella Jesmajian, Co-Founder of Honey & Roses Coffee'

Stacy Talks & Reviews

Father's Day is just around the corner!


A Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Foodie Dad

'Buy the perfect gift for Father's Day'

24 Entrepreneurs Share Ideas on How to Think Outside The Box

'By creating a collaborative culture, we are able to harness our creativity, expand on new ideas and assess each suggestion properly...

Thanks to Ella Jesmajian, Honey & Roses Coffee Co.!'

The Best Gifts for Mother's and Father's Day

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

'After her bath set her up with a special Mother's Day Gift Box from Honey & Roses Coffee Co for some delicious coffee and chocolate. It is a curated selection that makes a really good Mother’s Day Gift. With great craft chocolate, amazing fresh roast coffee, and a beautiful ceramic cup, it’s the perfect way to show your appreciation.'


Ella Jesmajian
Co-Founder of Honey & Roses Coffee Co

'Ella Jesmajian co-founded Honey & Roses Coffee Co., an ecommerce marketplace offering craft coffee, baked goods and handmade cutlery from artisans and independent businesses across the nation. Prior to Honey & Roses, she held several leadership positions in hospitality and e-commerce.'

Basha Bekele Ethiopia – Little Wolf via Honey & Roses

"I received this Ethiopian coffee from Little Wolf from Honey & Roses, a marketplace for boutique businesses. In addition to offering coffee, they sell products from craft bakers, chocolatiers and a range of artisanal home good companies. It is more than just a subscription service, but instead a more intimate marketplace. They focus on the personal interactions with customers and work to 'bring the coffee shop home'."

Ethiopia – Organic Ardi Sidama – Yaw Farm Coffee Roaster

"This was a second coffee I received from Honey & Roses, a marketplace for boutique businesses. The first was another naturally processed Ethiopian coffee, as well. This one comes from a small roaster out of Las Vegas, Yaw Farm."

A Glance into Honey and Roses Coffee Company

"Honey & Roses Coffee Co. is a coffee marketplace where you can find the highest quality coffee roasters from all around the United States. They also sell high quality, artisanal homeware along with other sustainable items, like there adorable travel cups!
But beyond what they sell, they’ve created a community based off of coffee & travel: two of my favorite things!"

SHE DOES: with Honey & Roses Coffee

"Like so many of my interests, my obsession with them began when my dear friend Anna used her uncanny talent for pinpointing things that are 'me' and sent me one pic from their feed. I, of course, immediately responded by becoming a Honey & Roses superfan, buying loads of their stuff, and heart-reacting to literally everything they do. And then I fangirled over them until they agreed to let me collab with them through this interview!"

Product I Love - Honey & Roses Coffee Co.

"Who loves their coffee on the go? But who also is accident prone and has spilt many cups of coffee with trying to do multiple things at once? 🖐🏻 That would be this girl! I have literally spilt like 5 or 6 cups in the last week. Not anymore with my Honey & Roses Coffee cup. This thing is literally AMAZING 🙌🏻 It doesn’t spill.... even when handled by a 2 year old!"