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Islamorada Coffee Roasters - Islamorada, FL

Islamorada Coffee Roasters - Islamorada, FL

Sunkiss. Suntan. Sunburn. The inspiration behind their coffee: Islamorada lives in the Florida Keys.

Danny & Sharon are a mixed-race couple and former chefs who shifted their olfactory and gustatory senses from culinary to coffee.  They believe in fairness and equality in all aspects of our lives combined with our passion and respect for food.

Through thoughtfulness for the environment and the omission of chemicals in foods to how the land and animals are protected and the way communities recycle, up-cycle and compost. They are focused on continuing to learn the best ways to minimize their carbon footprint.

Their practice is to purchase from small family farms when we are able to, so  the funds go directly back to them.  They also purchase from a variety of fair-trade and women led co-ops such as Cafe Femenino which encourage education, employment and social integration and independence.
They air-roast all their coffee beans because they feel it offers a superior and less bitter/burnt taste. The technique provides amazing coffee only roasted in small batches. To provide the freshest coffee, your coffee will ship within 24-48 hours of being roasted in fully compostable PLA-lined paper bags (once the tin tie is removed).

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