Yaw Farm Coffee Roaster - Las Vegas, NV

Yaw Farm Coffee Roaster - Las Vegas, NV

Yaw Farm specializes roasting and serving some of the finest specialty coffee in the world. The beans we source are from small and micro lot farms. We brew our coffee manually using pure mountain spring water and a bunch of love.

Yaw Farm is the creation of Roaster Ian, who got into the coffee business because he fell in love with roastin' 'em beans. He has degree in culinary arts and a connoisseur’s palate. Ian combined his passions for drone building, epoxy and woodwork, 3D printing, and design to create an inviting space where the community can enjoy the city's most delicious cup of joe. 

We are an earth centric company dedicated to being part of the solution rather than part of the problem. We use 100% compostable and biodegradable cups, bamboo cutlery, 100% recycled napkins, and straws made from, well, straw! We try to reduce waste by serving coffee in mugs for our customers who choose to hang around, and we use vegan Oatly oat milk in our beverages. Our beans come from small and micro-lot farms and have never been exposed to chemicals or artificial fertilizers. 

What does Yaw mean?

Originally a naval term used to describe the way sailing ships alternate movement from side to side, the verb "yaw" was adopted by aviators at the dawn of flight to describe the rotation of an aircraft about the vertical axis. Roaster Ian was familiar with the term from building drones, and decided to use "yaw" because it reminded him of the way water is pored from a kettle in a pour over coffee. Subsequently, customers have told us "yaw" is also an acronym for "you are welcome" in texting shorthand. 

PS. The "Farm" in our name is an ode to Roaster Ian's midwestern roots and the coffee farms that grow our beans. 

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