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Noble Oat - Charlotte, NC

Noble Oat - Charlotte, NC

At Noble Oat, it's about a path that starts with purpose. Their craft-batch granola is made with pure ingredients our earliest ancestors thrived on, and nothing else. That's because, at the end of the day, their idea of success is to make people feel good, so they can go out and do good. Ingredient-first, always.

It starts with three powerful, ancient plants: oats, buckwheat groats and sorghum. Then adding all-natural nut butters to create a seamlessly-balanced, nutrient-dense granola for anytime and anywhere. Everything is sourced with intention from farms and people we know and trust. With so few ingredients you can practically count them on one hand. Noble Oat believes in the notion of setting high standards—of doing the right thing, every time, and eating the right things, always. ­

The art of eating well comes down to one simple philosophy: use good ingredients. That's the not-so-secret recipe for the unparalleled-in-taste granola. To help protect our land and ecosystem, Noble Oat is giving back 1% of profits, each year, for environmental conservation. Without healthy access to nature, we have no food to grow or way to sustain. More importantly, it’s time we start thinking about thriveability, not just sustainability. In addition, the team is taking strong internal measures to lower our environmental impact all the way from production to packaging and shipping. By using as many local resources as possible, misfit shipping boxes, FSC certified papers, and recyclable packaging.

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