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La Bello Sweets - Long Island, NY

La Bello Sweets - Long Island, NY

How it all started: Owner, Joe, comes from an Italian family of cooks and bakers. So, with his Mother's baking influence, he loved Italian baked goods. Every coffee shop, biscotti was the number one sought out item! Every time he found one, he'd get it. However, his wife - Owner Katie, is Vegan. So, the process  began to develop an artisan, Italian biscotti that tastes delicious for all, but can be consumed by a Vegan. We likely experimented with 1,000 recipes before we landed on our base dough flavor. We are so excited to share our products with all- vegans and non vegans alike. 

While baking is a passion, both Joe & Katie do have other jobs that keep them busy! Joe is a performer & EMT. You can see him performing most nights all across Long Island NY at bars, music venues, and street fairs. His high level of energy keeps the team going during late-night bakes! Have you ever had any concerns over how your food is processed and handled before you consume it? Well, when Katie is in the Kitchen, push all of those concerns aside. Katie is a Doctor of Epidemiology, specializing in infectious disease. So, putting those infection control protocols into practice in the kitchen is no foreign task. Katie & Joe are passionate about everything they do, finding a beautiful balance in the day-to-day, and the excitement of mixed lifestyles. Sharing their products with others and promoting the thought that Vegan can be delicious is at the forefront of why they continue to develop new flavors and expand their line.  

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