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What Is Honey & Roses?

"Ultimate At Home Coffee Experience"

Honey & Roses Coffee is an online marketplace for the greatest craft coffee roasters, and creators of quality small batch treats. It's a place where people like you can buy freshly roasted coffee directly from specialty roasters, Freshly baked cakes & cookies directly from the small businesses who create them, and even search for your tastes or dietary requirements.

In other words, Honey & Roses is reinventing the way people find, buy and enjoy the coffee and treats that makes a coffee break so special.


Honey & Roses Coffee Co is:

  •  One marketplace, lots of roasters. Easily discover, search and buy coffee directly from small businesses.
  •  Coffee, curated for you. Find the coffee that works for you and connect with us to learn more and get recommendations
  •  Support small business, personally. Get to know the roaster, baker or chocolatier and find out their story.
  •  One marketplace, lots of treats. Easily find, search and buy fresh baked cakes, biscotti, cookies chocolate and more. Easily find Gluten Free and Vegan options

    What Are People Saying?

    •  I tried the Little Wolf coffee... holy mother - it was Amazing. My husband and I already said that we will be ordering more. It is SO smooth and delicious.

       As for Honey and Roses Coffee Company: VERY professional and responsive. Great job!! - Lauren 
    •  I’m obsessed with Honey and Roses! The subscription is such a reasonable price to have high quality coffee delivered to my door. It takes the guess work out of coffee, and I get to support small businesses, too. Another bonus is that the coffee is ethically and sustainably sourced!
       I use my French press all of the time and their cutlery was a cute addition to my coffee cart.
       Lastly, the owners are so sweet and responsive! - Shelbie  
    •  My first purchase from Honey and Roses was perfect. I got a great price on a hard to find, unique, delicious coffee. The coffee was delivered quickly and the beans had been roasted just days before. They even sent me a personal email asking about my purchase. A great buying experience and excellent coffee. - Patrick 


    •  They focus on the personal interactions with customers and work to 'bring the coffee shop home'. - Andrew, Pull & Pour 

    One Marketplace, 55 +Roasters

    We're building the USAs most trusted marketplace for craft coffee & treats, making it easier and more convenient than ever before to discover new flavors and buy freshly made items that are delivered directly to you.

    Just like your local farmers market hosts many individual vendors, Honey & Roses Coffee Co's marketplace features:

    • Many different coffee roasters, each offering their own specialty coffees for sale.
    • Home and small batched baked goods, chocolate and more directly from the people creating them

    When you buy a coffee or treat on Honey & Roses, we notify the maker. Once receiving your order, the vendor will roast or bake your product and ship it out promptly to you. This means you are receiving the freshest goods possible - nothing filled full of preservatives or sitting on supermarket shelves for weeks.

    Every vendor commits to a guarantee of freshness!

     Coffee, curated for you 

    Honey & Roses is about discovery, convenience and community. We make it easy for you to search for and learn about different aspects of coffee - but we love talking to you directly and making recommendations ourselves!


    Support small business, personally 

    What do you know about the people that roasters the coffee you're enjoying? Or the baker that baked your soft cookies to perfection?

    We want to support small businesses by making a personal connection. Many of these people struggle to reach customers in a competitive marketing environment but have the absolute best coffee, cakes or cookies that you can find. We are focused on telling their stories through text image and video - and keep you up to date on what they are doing. When you're drinking that coffee and eating those cookies, we want you to feel like they were made by a friend.



    By solely practicing ethical sourcing, with coffee roasters who pay their farmers fairly, with the actual bakers who work from their home kitchens, we support sustainable, long term relationships built on respect that let our vendors pursue their passions!


    Honey & Roses [Single] Origin story


    It started as a conversation about coffee. Specifically coffee shops around the world. After years of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures. We know there's nothing like the feeling of waking up in a new place, eager to wander out your door and try a local coffee shop. The immersion you experience while drinking coffee on a trip is something you take with you when you return home, even if you can't take the coffee itself. We wanted to design a way to recreate that feeling with the convenience of home delivery.

     We started with a handful of roasters who had impressed us with their passion and quality and we loved hearing about how they were giving back to the farmers that supported them, and as COVID19 hit - we really tried to do our part in supporting the roasters themselves as they suffered from a lack of foot traffic. It soon became obvious that small businesses needed better visibility, and we had a way to source the finest coffee, but as we all started taking coffee breaks at home, we suddenly realized 'hey, I wish I had a slice of cake to go with this coffee'.

    So we launched Sweets & Treats, now we have a way to let you buy from small businesses directly. Couple the perfect coffee with the perfect cookie or cake, and support the individuals who create them with passion and flare.

    We invite you to become part of this community. Together we can enjoy the finest quality coffee break, and support the small businesses that make it possible.