Valentines Day Blog Post

Valentines Day Blog Post

Do we really need one day out of the entire year to declare our love for each other? Do all of the warm, fuzzy feelings really boil down to some chocolates and the last bouquet of carnations left at the grocery store at 12am? Of course not! 


A lot has changed over the past year. We hunkered down with our loved ones and saw a LOT more of them than we ever anticipated. We worked remotely as our kids yelled in the background while trying to take classes over Zoom. Some of us even found ourselves without work as our industries depended on gatherings of people made impossible.


But this Valentine’s Day, we can step away from all that. We have this one day to plan something special and take a breath. Maybe it’ll be cooking something new for the first time, or ordering that fancy bottle of wine for Grandma when she agrees to watch the kids for the night.



Let’s pause and remember why we all love each other and are thankful to have family and friends to lean on. Let’s shower our wives, husbands, partners and then some with special tokens of our appreciation from our favorite small businesses to keep them going as we make our way back to a “normal” world. If you haven’t been lucky enough to be stuck elbow-to-elbow with your partner- that’s okay! We ship across the country.

Here’s our roundup of the best Valentine’s Day gifts after this wacky year to say “thank you”, “I love you” and “I’m ready for our living room to not be our office”:



We couldn’t not mention flowers as the first option for the fundamental Valentine’s Day gift! We know, we know—you get them every year. But this year, plan ahead by ordering a unique bouquet from a local store. Many businesses who didn’t deliver before the pandemic will now, and you’ll be supporting someone in your area by ordering directly from these shops rather than big online names.


Sweets and Treats

Next on the list of Valentine’s Day classics is, of course, chocolate. Luckily with our “Sweets and Treats” section you can get even more.  We feature baked goods and chocolates made by small, local artisans, all who ship directly from their shops to you. A nice lemon pound cake to go with that organic chocolate bar? Talk about leveling up!


Bag of Coffee

Here’s a new idea- because it’s likely you’ll be seeing your loved one all day on the 14th, why not start the morning off right? Grab a bag of one of our freshly roasted, artisanal coffees from an independent roaster across the United States to try. There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of a fresh brew!


Monthly Coffee Subscription

Is one bag of coffee ever really enough? Here comes the perfect excuse to order more. With our monthly coffee subscription you can choose from the 6 month or 3 month prepaid options. You can select the subscription and roast types (think decaf dark roast) and your boo will receive a bag tailored to those preferences each month.


Rose Gold French Press

To really drive home that elegant Valentine’s Day morning, buy your partner a new French press and make a little Parisian themed breakfast. Not only will they be able to keep the French press to use every morning, but they’ll love the memory of how you surprised them with it.

Love Letter Blanket

Since we can’t travel or go to any fancy restaurants to celebrate this day of love, let’s focus on staying in! Rent your loved one’s favorite movie and snuggle up under a blanket with a declaration of love just for them. You can even have it printed in your own handwriting!

Coffee Spoons

So, which do you prefer: big spoon or little spoon? We say coffee spoon! Our spoons have been all over social media because of how gorgeous and well made they are. From a bright sunflower to a pineapple, there are plenty of options. Shop sets of 6, 4 or 2 where you can mix and match. We’ve even got a full cutlery set to add beauty to every meal.

Reusable Coffee Cups

Just because we’re sitting at the same table all day doesn’t mean we want our coffee getting cold. Help your loved one avoid a lukewarm brew after they’re pulled into their third Zoom meeting of the day by keeping it hot in one of our stylish thermoses! Bonus: they’ll still be the envy of the virtual office when everyone asks them where it’s from.


Customized Jewelry

Jewelry may be another Valentine’s Day go-to, but this is the perfect year to swap something luxurious for something a little more personal. There are plenty of options: a birth stone necklace to celebrate the month your loved one was born, coordinate bracelets with the latitude and longitude of the place you met or earrings with their name on them.

Gift Boxes

Does almost everything on this list sound like something your partner would love? Then this is the ultimate gift! Our gift boxes are just right for those who like a little bit of everything. Fresh coffee, a thermos, delectable goods and more are all available as part of a gift set to say a heartfelt “I’m thinking of you” to your recipient.


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