International Women's Day 2021

International Women's Day 2021

Who run the world? GIRLS! And as it turns out, they run plenty of roasteries, bakeries and confectionaries we get to work with, too.

This International Women’s Day, we couldn’t be happier to share more about our women-run partners with you. After all, one of our own cofounders is a woman! Today, we celebrate all women around the world who are working toward a brighter future. Whether you are promoting social, economic, cultural or political achievements, we thank you for working together toward a gender equal world.


Copper Door

Copper Door is Denver's only 100% female owned coffee roaster. Hannah Ulbrich, the owner, seeks to provide you with the best possible freshly roasted coffee that reflects tradition and craftsmanship practiced around the world over hundreds of years. Originally founded in 2006 by Sinjin Eberle, Copper Door had been solely a wholesale business until Hannah took it over in 2014. She took her years of experience as a barista and cafe manager into the roasting room. As a current literature professor and mother of two, she’s now dedicated to public education and relies on exceptional coffee to get her through her days. Owning Copper Door Coffee Roasters gives Hannah the chance to blend together her love of creativity and science.

Everyday People

Founded by Jillian and her mom Jacqueline, Everyday People Coffee & Tea Launched in 2018. They are a minority woman-owned small business based out of DC. Their goal is not only to provide single-origin and specialty blend coffee but also to encourage and create awareness based on sustainable farming and practices. They source their green beans directly from co-ops and families ensuring the farmers and farm productions are provided equitable wages to sustain a livelihood that depends on the coffee trade. A percentage of all sales at Everyday People Coffee & Tea help support organizations involving childhood education particularly for at-risk youth and nature conservation efforts to protect our planet.

RAKO Coffee Roasters

RĀKO Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee collective focused on sustainably sourced single origin coffees, environmentally friendly roasting practices and advanced brewing methods. They are a collaborative community of coffee importers, roasters, artists, and baristas who all share in the constant pursuit to create the best coffee possible. RĀKO Coffee Roasters operates a state-of-the-art specialty coffee roasting facility located in Northern Virginia and a pop-up cafe in the DC-area, with plans to open a full cafe in 2021!

Form & Function

Form & Function is a specialty coffee roaster located in downtown Boise. They employ and highly train those who are passionate about coffee education and are always looking to progress in their craft and understanding. They combine skilled baristas with precise brewing parameters, to deliver you the best possible product.

From farm to cup, coffee needs proper care and conditions to allow it to yield the absolute best results. That is why they are keenly aware of how their product is cared for along the way, starting at the source. They step in at the final stages of the cycle using roasting techniques aimed to bring out the natural attributes in each bean.

As a company they are committed to sourcing sustainably and making efforts to ensure the entire supply chain is being taken care of. They are also committed to finding the tastiest coffee available, so they only buy the best. That way YOU are guaranteed to get a high quality product while simultaneously spreading the dollar throughout the supply chain! Well played.


Sweets & Treats

Only Child Chocolate Co.

Only child Yana grew up in Moscow. As a tot, she enjoyed tiny squares of bitter chocolate that sweetened the cold of Russian winters. Upon moving to Chicago in the summer of 1997, she discovered the joys of chocolate milk and peanut M&M’s, thus cementing her love for both the sophisticated flavor of dark chocolate and the exuberant cheerfulness of candy.

While majoring in Literature at the University of Illinois C-U, Yana spent most mornings moonlighting as a cupcake decorator. After graduating, she abandoned Chaucer for chocolate and moved to Portland, OR to attend culinary school.

During long days as pastry chef for Crema Bakery in SE Portland, she dreamt of a chocolate company. The offspring of Yana’s love for puns and unexpected flavors, Only Child Chocolate Co. seizes your hand and takes you on a joyful adventure in taste.

Judith's Dessert Boutique

Judith's Dessert Boutique has been preparing delectable treats in Lawrence Township, New Jersey for years. They use only fresh, all-natural ingredients in everything they make. Their commitment to quality is evident once you try one of their delicious, hand-made creations.

Baker Judith has been baking for family and friends for over 30 years before expanding her business to the public. Judith has had a passion for baking ever since she baked her first batch of cookies. Since then, she has always known she wanted to become a baker, but she never dreamed of opening her own bakery. Today, Judith is not just the owner of Judith's Dessert Boutique - she is also its Baker-in-Chief!

Secret Stuffed Cookies

Secret Stuffed Cookies was created in March of 2020. At that time, everything in the world felt unknown. Ashley, the founder, had her children home from school as she and her husband found themselves temporarily jobless. All she could do to keep herself distracted from the chaos was to bake! Once the Rainbow OG was created and a single photo of it was posted online, she immediately had friends telling her to start a business. Almost one year later, hundreds of types of cookies have been created and Ashley can’t imagine life without her creative cookies and wonderful customers!

AWG Bakery

In 2016, Hanna started the Instagram account @airwaterandgreens to share her love of healthy eating with the world. During that time, she was diagnosed with a number of health issues. On a quest to naturally cure herself, she found the healing powers of anti-inflammatory foods and the Paleo lifestyle.

Living this way meant cutting out many foods, including something she truly loved, bread. After years of not eating it, she decided to develop her own recipe because she could not find anything on the market that met her dietary restrictions and actually tasted good. It took a year to perfect, and now she is so thrilled to share it with you!

Shookies Cookies

Shookies Cookies is a Chicago based Company specializing in hand crafted cookies baked to perfection with a signature cookie dough taste.

Sheri Handelman, the owner and baker of Shookies, has been known throughout the suburbs of Chicago as one of the best bakers. Her family has been persuading her for years to take her baking to “the next level”. In December, 2016, The Handelman Family rallied together to launch Shookies Cookies. The Shookies name is derived from a combination of Sheri and Cookies- and Shookies, was created! A Shookie is now known as the ideal gourmet Cookie Dough Cookie.

Sheri learned everything she knows about baking from her mother. Growing up, Sheri assisted her Mom in her home baking business. They would bake and deliver trays and trays of cookies, cakes and pies to bakeries as well as to all of their friends and family. Throughout the years, Sheri has perfected her baking technique, and has dedicated most of her time to creating the perfect doughy cookies. 

Say Goodbye to your small flat cookie and HELLO to your new favorite Cookie Dough Cookie!

Cathy's Biscotti

Sugar and spice and everything nice—isn’t that what little girls are made of? Well, the same is true of girls who grow up to become bakers. Cathy has been baking her entire life. It began by watching and learning from her mother and grandmother as they magically transformed flour, sugar, and butter into pure bliss. Then at a young age, she took on the role as the family baker. It wasn’t until she started baking with her own daughters that she fully realized her passion.

In 2006, she began creating biscotti recipes that celebrated her Italian heritage. With each recipe, a sweet indulgent treat was born. 

Today, Cathy’s Biscotti offers seven biscotti flavors, each distinct and delicious. The marriage of old-world tradition with indulgent flavor and texture is what makes their biscotti uniquely different from the rest. All of their biscotti are baked in small batches using only the finest ingredients. They hand-roll and hand cut each loaf to produce truly artisanal biscotti that not only melt in your mouth, but also provide the crunch that you expect to find in traditional biscotti.

In 2014, they introduced gluten free biscotti in their two most popular flavors, Dark Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Chocolate Pecan! You're invited to try Cathy's delicious treats, and maybe conjure up some warm memories of your own. 

Raaka Chocolate

Raaka was founded in 2010 with a passion to bring the unique flavors of unroasted cacao to the masses in a way that positively impacted cacao farmers and the planet.

They're devoted to making uncommonly delicious chocolate that captures the brighter, bolder, and fruitier side of cacao. That's why they make every bar from scratch with unroasted cacao beans, transparently sourced from growers they trust and admire.

Their chocolate is founded on the following principles: 

UNROASTED: They use only unroasted cacao beans so you can taste the naturally fruity flavor of cacao.

BEAN TO BAR: They make their chocolate from scratch at their factory in Brooklyn, NY.

TRANSPARENT TRADE: They source their cacao directly from single estate farms, farmer owned cooperatives and grower centered organizations.

SMALL BATCH: They make their bars in small batches, ensuring quality and traceability from beginning to end.

SINGLE ORIGIN: They work with cacao beans from single origins and craft bars to highlight the unique flavors of each place.

ORGANIC: All of their chocolate is certified organic, certified non-gmo, certified kosher and free of gluten and soy.

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