Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Coffee Themed Gifts for the Coffee Lover in Your Life


Ah, coffee, the perfect way to start your day… or if it were up to us, the perfect thing to start, continue and end it! We just can’t get enough of it, from the smell to the taste, and we know if you’re a Honey and Roses fan that you’re probably in the same boat.

This holiday season, we hope you’ll join us in continuing to support small businesses and shop local. By shopping with us you’re also sustaining hundreds of small business workers across the United States.

Here’s a roundup of the best coffee themed gifts to bring some cheer to the coffee lovers you know and love featuring our products:

Rose Gold French Press

Move over, boring plastic French press. This rose gold version of the classic way to prepare coffee is elegant and stylish. It holds just over four cups and is stainless steel/ dishwasher safe, although hand washing is recommended.

 Bag of Coffee

We know this sounds obvious, but how about a bag of coffee? Not just ANY coffee though: a bag of freshly roasted, artisan coffee from an independent roaster. There are so many reasons to shop small this year as small businesses have faced hardships they never thought they would. Support local roasters all while getting superior quality coffee. It’s a win-win!


Manual Burr Coffee Grinder
or Electric Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Some people like buying their coffee pre-ground so they don’t have to do the work. And we don’t blame them- that’s why ground coffee is always an option on our site! But for those who like to control the coarseness of their beans, an at-home grinder is a great option. You can buy a hand-held version or electric if you make coffee in bigger batches.


Coffee Spoons

You’ve probably seen our spoons on social media because of how unique they are. From pineapples to a crescent moon, there’s a spoon for everyone. Shop sets of 6, 4 or 2 where you can pick your mix. We’ve even got one full set of cutlery if you want to add some beauty to every meal!

Monthly Coffee Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving. No, seriously! If you know one bag of incredible coffee just won’t be enough for your loved one, choose from a 6 month or 3 month prepaid subscription. You can select the subscription and roast types (think decaf dark roast) and the recipient will receive a bag tailored to those preferences each month.

Reusable Coffee Cups

So maybe our commutes look a little less like a 30 minute drive and more like a 1 minute walk down the hall, but that doesn’t mean that you still don’t want your coffee hot and fresh! Keeping it in a thermos will keep it hotter for longer and prevents spills on your lovely home office carpet.

Sweets and Treats

What’s better with a smooth cup of java than something sweet to balance out the flavor? Just like our roaster partners, our Sweets and Treats collection features baked goods and chocolates made by small, local artisans. Dunk a biscotti or nibble a chocolate bar all while knowing it was made just for you.



Personalized Coffee Scoop

We like to store our beans in an airtight container to keep them as fresh as possible for as long as possible, but we still need a way to measure them out. That’s where a beautiful and functional personalized coffee scoop comes in. Put their name, a memorable date or your favorite coffee memory on a tool they’ll use each morning.

Gift Boxes

Sometimes one coffee related gift just isn’t enough for the coffee lover in our lives. Our gift boxes are absolutely perfect for those who like a little bit of everything! Beans, a mug, a tasty treat and more are all available as part of a gift set to bring the coffee shop home to your recipient.

Coffee Bean Body Scrub

Don’t just drink your coffee, smell like it! This coffee body scrub exfoliates and foams just like your favorite latte. Made with organic coffee, there are no harsh chemicals involved, and all materials are biodegradable so you don’t feel guilty about what goes down the drain.


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