Graham Cracker Latte

Graham Cracker Latte


1/2 cup condensed milk or coconut milk
 1 double shot of espresso or strong black cup of coffee
1 tsp raw honey
1 Graham cracker
2 small mini bars/ 2 pieces of a chocolate bar
(Optional) 1 oz Vodka 
Serve Over Ice


Take your graham cracker and chocolate and smash them with a knife until fully crumbled. Put aside  on a large plate and assemble your drink. Take your espresso, honey and milk and pour it into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Make sure you shake vigorously with a lid on. Once shaken don’t pour your drink into the glass just yet.  Take your glass and rub the rim with an orange, lime or lemon. This helps the s’mores mixture stick to the rim. Take your glass and flip it over and place it on the plate. Start moving your glass in a circular motion and watch the s’mores mixture stick to the rim of the glass. One the graham cracker rim is finished, you can pour the drink into the glass. Serve cold!




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