“El Jefe” Cafe Negroni

“El Jefe” Cafe Negroni

"El Jefe" Cafe Negroni

   Who is ready for New Year’s? After the hell of a year we’ve all had! This is the perfect cocktail to hit the spot. The warmth of the tequila reposado will harmonize nicely with the coffee’s warm tasting notes. If you use a coffee with orange or tangerine notes, the flavor of the Campari will be enhanced even further. The mole bitters will add a beautiful depth- with any coffee that has notes of cinnamon and chocolate in it. So sit back and get ready to ring in 2021 with this delicious cocktail.

It’s super easy to make, all you will need is -


 1oz reposado tequila 
1oz Campari
1oz sweet vermouth
2 dashes of mole bitters
 1 shot Espresso
 Stir, served on the rocks with an orange twist

Take a cocktail shaker and fill it 3/4 to the top with ice. First add the shot of tequila, then the Catalin and Campari. Add your ounce of sweet vermouth and then lightly tap in your bitters. After these steps, you can finally add your espresso. You want to add the coffee last, so it doesn’t melt too much on the ice. Gently stir this cocktail, don't shake it. Once fully combined, take your strainer and pour the drink into a nice rocks glass. Add a few ice cubes and a largely sliced orange twist to make sure to really get the zesty flavor.


Recipe creation by Elisabeth Kollas. Photography by @lilyandloreleimedia


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