Cardamom Orange Latte

Cardamom Orange Latte

Cardamom Spiced Coffee

 What’s your go-to coffee order: a peppermint mocha latte? Caramel macchiato? Cinnamon cappuccino? Options for coffee drinks are endless, and we can’t think of any other beverage that pairs perfectly with so many flavors. Just another thing to add to the list of reasons we’re so passionate about it!

Whatever is in your daily cup, there’s one thing all flavored drinks have in common: simple syrup. Simple syrup is made out of equal parts water, sugar, and your favoriteflavor.

 Our cardamom simple syrup combines several spices with orange and honey for a bright and zesty drink you won’t find at your local store. You’ll see cardamom in many dishes from India to Sweden, but this recipe is inspired by flavors of the Middle East where it is often used in beverages.

Even if it might seem like this syrup has a lot of ingredients, we promise it isn’t difficult to make (after all, it is called simple syrup!). You can make it as strong as you like by adding more or less sugar and water to your syrup as long as they’re in equal parts. 



1 Tbsp Cardamom

1 Tbsp Cinnamon

1 Pinch All Spice

1-2 Cloves

1 Tbsp of Orange Zest

1 Tbsp Honey

1 Cup water

1 Cup sugar


Step 1: Add all the ingrediants into a bowl. Make sure you add 1 cup of hot boiling water first.

Step 2: Then add 1 cup of brown sugar. ( You can use regular sugar, but brown sugar or coconut sugar really add a creamy caramel flavor.

Step 3: Fully mix the suagr and water and spices together.

Final Step: When cool, you can place in the fridge and store it for up to a week. Take however much of the simple syrup you want and add it to your latte or coffee. Enjoy!



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