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Sumatra -  Arisarina

Zoka Coffee Roasters & Tea Company - Seattle, WA

Sumatra - Arisarina

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Tasting Notes

Rich | spicy chocolate | full body

Region – Gayo Highlands
Farm – Arisarina Co-Op-2490 farms
Varietal – Abyssinia, Catimor, Cattura, Timor
Altitude- 800-1700 meters
Roast – Medium

The Sumatra Mandheling Arisarina carries the classic Sumatra full body flavors of spice and dark chocolate. These Sumatra Coffee, are picked, pulped and then fermented for about 12 hours.
Dried in parchment for up to two days following, before being wet hulled and dried on beds until moisture content reaches 14%. The exporter will then finish the drying to about 12%. Then the coffees are sorted and shipped. This traditional, yet unique process, give Sumatra coffees the full body flavors and characteristics celebrated from this region.