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Vegan Biscotti Classico
Vegan Biscotti Classico

La Bello Sweets - Long Island, NY

Vegan Biscotti Classico

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La Bello produces Vegan sweets with taste that could fool even our non-vegan friends. Are you a frustrated Vegan tired of just watching your friends devour sweets that you can't have? Well... take a deep breath, because the go-to Vegan sweets product line has arrived. These Artisan biscotti are 100% Vegan.

These classic biscotti come in 7oz bags.

All La Bello products have a 14 day lead time before shipping so you can receive freshly baked biscotti every time! Thank you for your patience!


**Contains nuts

***Honey & Roses takes no responsibility for the contents of vendor consumables