Ethiopia - Uraga

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Ethiopia - Uraga

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  • Tropical Fruit | Juicy | Floral

Uraga is a farm owned by Israel Degfa, our long time partner in Ethiopia. We've worked with him for the last four years and have always been really impressed with his quality year over year. We are focusing on several of him farms versus washing stations going forward. While both models are important for quality, Phil feels that the opportunity for the highest quality and most impact is within the estate model. 

One of the biggest barriers to even higher quality coffee from Ethiopia is the fact that so many producers are on such small plots of land. When the average coffee growers is producing less than a hundred kilos of cherry it's really difficult to have good picking practices. Picking ripe cherry is one of the most important factors in high quality coffee, but requires much more time in the coffee. Asking people with very small deliveries to pick such a small amount of land over and over is unreasonable. 

But on the larger farms (very rare in Ethiopia) that Israel owns, such as Uraga, these practices can be implemented much better. This offers a unique opportunity and allows for a lot of improvement in the future!

This coffee is very bright, with fresh tropical fruit notes, a juicy body, and floral aromas!

2000 meters | Ethiopian Varietal | Washed Process | Guji, Ethiopia

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