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Ethiopia - Kossa Geshe

Unity Coffee - Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, NY

Ethiopia - Kossa Geshe

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Tasting Notes

white flowers | watermelon punch | champagne

Kossa Geshe is a farm in Limmu, Ethiopia that produces 100% natural process coffees dried on monitored patios instead of normal African Raised Beds. This is our fourth year buying from producer Mr. Abdulwahid Sherif, and our first year presenting the Moata Microlot from this amazing farm. Mr. Abdulwahid may seem serious but he comes from a place of love. You can feel the intensity he has for greatness and quality - for incredible clean, natural coffee and for life. He took the premiums from last year's harvest and put them to what our importing team deemed necessary: a school for kids who live on the farm, clean and accessible drinking water, new washrooms, and more patio space for his coffees to dry.