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Savage Geisha Reserve
Savage Geisha Reserve
Savage Geisha Reserve
Savage Geisha Reserve

Corvus Coffee Roasters - Denver, CO

Savage Geisha Reserve

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Tasting Notes

illumination | nirvana | afterglow

Reserves roast on a limited schedule once per week. Anything ordered with Savage Geisha will roast and ship with this product.

Limited to 145 of each process

Brewing Notes-
Illumination : Longer brew time; medium coarse grind
Grind: 7.7/10  |  Ratio: 1:15.5  |  Bloom: 50g water  |  Total Brew: 3:15

Nirvana Slightly finer than usual grind
Grind: 6.4/10  |  Ratio: 1:17  |  Bloom: 40g water  |  Total Brew: 2:30

Afterglow Slightly finer than usual grind; Longer draw down time
Grind: 7.0/10  |  Ratio: 1:15.5  |  Bloom: 40g water  |  Total Brew: 4:00

There's no descriptors for Geisha coffee from Finca Deborah. Jamison Savage has taken the queen of varieties and married  her to wine processing that gives us some of the most wildly beautiful coffees we've ever discovered. I visited Jamison last year and felt like I was seeing the future of coffee;  both in his vision as well as in the cups as we tasted coffee at his farm in the Jungles outside Volcán, Panama

Illumination • Carbonic Maceration process is a tropical fruit Boquete with Mango and Pineapple complexity surrounded in Honeysuckle aromatics.

Nirvana • Natural Anaerobic process tastes like an exceptional Sangria. Red Wine in an unusual combination with Starfruit and Kiwi like flavors. An amazing combination of intense wine and delicate tropical notes.

Afterglow • Natural Process is a huge bunch of dark fruits with Fruit Punch, Plum Jam, and Wild Strawberry flavor and aroma.

These are 150g custom designed and hand signed tins.

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