Rwanda - Tumba

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Rwanda - Tumba

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Tasting Notes

Cherry | Black Tea | Deep

Tumba is an exceptional washing station we visited for the first time in 2017 while shepherding a group of customers and employees around Rwanda. We were there building some projects for women producers in another area of the country, and after the first week I stayed behind with a few people to visit some additional washing stations and producers in Rulindo District.

Tumba was one of the most impressive washing stations we've seen anywhere. The current owner, Venuste Mugraneza, was a teacher in the nearby village that Tumba is named after. Well respected and liked by his community, he took over Tumba and over the last five plus years he has implemented many different incentives for the growers he works with. Depending on the quality of the cherries they deliver he offers a range of incentives including an increase in price, health care, subsidies for farm equipment and supplies, and a profit share.

With the best interest of his community in mind, the quality of the coffee is really exceptional. And this is the type of person who we really enjoy supporting. His coffees are full bodied, very sweet, with balanced cherry and black tea flavors.

1825 meters | Jackson Varietal | Washed | Raised bed drying | Rulindo, Rwanda