Rwanda - Natural

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Rwanda - Natural

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Tasting Notes

Plum | Grape | Stone Fruits

This coffee comes from the Gasharu Coffee Company, a model farmer-owned coffee business in the Western Province of Rwanda near the Congo Nile Mountain Chain and Congo Border. The farm that this coffee is from started with 380 trees in the 70's and now has over 8,500 coffee trees. Gasharu Coffee Company employs 6 full time locals and 120+ part-time workers during peak harvest season. This coffee is served on our Pour Over menu and has an incredibly juicy body and stone fruit notes throughout! This coffee is locally sourced and roasted in Baltimore.

Cupping notes: Plum - Grape - Juicy Body - Stone Fruits
Roast Level: City+ (Light - Medium)
Processing Method: Natural Processed
Varietal: Bourbon
1,750 - 1,900 MASL