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Peru - Lima Coffee

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Peru - Lima Coffee

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Tasting Notes

Cranberry | Toffee | Lime

Single Origin // Perched in the remote high jungles of northern Peru, Jaén is also the capital of the province by the same name. Jaén enjoys a warm climate year-round with frequent pleasant showers. This combination of weather with the high altitude makes for ideal coffee growing conditions. Throughout the 2000s, Peru began focusing on specialty lot differentiation, made possible through the efforts of CENFROCAFE’s agricultural and financial assistance to 2000+ producer groups. Previously the mild profile of Peruvian coffees made them appealing as a blend component, but as producers have gained expertise they’ve also found ways to connect with the specialty market. The Lima Coffees organization is a group actively working towards more specialty lot development, and this coffee is a product of those efforts. The result is a silky medium-bodied cup with candied sweetness and hints of citrus, cooling into pleasant sips of sugary cranberries.