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Birhanu Haile Natural - Ethiopia

Rival Bros Coffee - Philadelphia, PA

Birhanu Haile Natural - Ethiopia

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Tasting Notes

Rose | Honey | Cardamom

Single Origin // From the famed Woreda of Yirgachefe, this coffee comes to us by way of Crop To Cups on the ground efforts in Ethiopia. The Gedeo zone lies south of Sidama and west of Guji, places that may sound familiar to fans of Ethiopian coffee. Typically, small plots in southern Ethiopia follow the pattern of densely-situated homes in the region, but Birhanu Haile’s farm is large enough to produce 200 bags all on it’s own. Commonly a farm this large would be managed from afar, but Birhanu Haile Chele works alongside his wife and 8 children, overseeing harvesting and processing.

The import of a larger private farm is twofold in Ethiopia, where coffee is usually consolidated either on the ECX or through Coop Unions - this coffee is traceable all the way down to the farm and fulfills export volume requirements. With traceability comes clarity and consistency which translates into a lighter-bodied cup of blossomy sweetness. Although natural processes can sometimes feel texturally heavy, this coffee trends towards lingering warming spices and lighter, nectary flavors.