Sweater Season Blend

Recluse Roasting Project - Richmond, VA

Sweater Season Blend

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Tasting Notes

Cranberry | marzipan | cherry pie

This is our take on a Holiday Blend. This year's blend uses 3
different origins and 3 different processes. The 2020 SSB is made up of a
washed process Colombia, honey process El Salvador, and a natural
processed Honduras. We love how processing affects the complexity of a
coffee and thought this was a fun way to showcase just that. The result
is a beautifully sweet coffee with an explosion of bright red fruit. We
are very excited to share this year's Sweater Season Blend with y'all!
We love to drink this coffee all Winter long. It makes a great gift
this socially distant holiday season. Share a cup with your loved ones
over Zoom.