Honduras - Bernard Ornilla Natural

Recluse Roasting Project - Richmond, VA

Honduras - Bernard Ornilla Natural

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Tasting Notes

Cranberry | strawberry | honey

Bernard Ornilla's natural is so dang jammy. Choose any red fruit and you'll find it in the cup! This is the first year we have bought his
naturals and you'll definitely see it every year for now on.
Bernard's certified Organic farm, named Gaia, is located near Santa Rosa which is the capital city of the department of Copan in western
Not only is Bernard's coffee great but he continues to make commitments to organic farming practices, and the welfare of his
team, his farm, and his community. 
Bernard was paid directly a farm gate price over 3x market rate for this coffee and double "fair trade" pricing. We also paid Bernard a
premium on top of that rate because we scored this coffee higher then his washed coffee.