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Colombia - Montes Tatamá Decaf

Recluse Roasting Project - Richmond, VA

Colombia - Montes Tatamá Decaf

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Tasting Notes

Banana bread | fig | sage

This coffee comes from producer Juan Carlos' farm Montes Tatamá. His
farm is in the town of Santuario which exists in the department of
Risaralda in Colombia. His farm is much larger than the average
producers in Colombia but Juan Carlos is highly focused on the details
of processing.  At this moment, Lucia Solis, a well-known
processing expert is in residence at the farm and is helping Juan Carlos
build a brand new wet mill and fine tune all his processes.  This small
lot of his coffee was decaffeinated using Ethyl acetate which is created naturally from cane sugar plants in Palmira, Colombia.