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Papua New Guinea - Bunum Wo

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Papua New Guinea - Bunum Wo

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Tasting Notes

Mint | Sweet Tobacco | Root Beer

Region: Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Altitude: 1550-1600 masl

Variety: Peaberry

Process: washed

Soil type: volcanic

Notes: sweet pipe tobacco, root beer, earthy and richly sweet, dark cherry fruit upon cooling, slight mint finish

We have personally had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with this producer for close to three years now. Vikram, our PNG importer, is a deeply passionate coffee lover and representative of what his family is producing in his home country. Every coffee I've sourced from him has been stellar so of course this new coffee offering from him is nothing short of...crazy good.

Bunum Wo is a town and growing area in the Wahgi Valley in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. While Sigri is the flagship estate, producer-partners own and manage Bunum Wo, and all estates maintain their own wet and dry mills and follow the same processing guidelines. This coffee is strictly a peaberry variety, meaning it's a bean that results when the coffee fruit develops only one, single oval bean rather than the two, flat sided beans. Peaberries on average produce a different (arguably better) cup than the regular, flat sided beans, which is why they are separated during processing.