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Bona Zuria - Ethiopia

Non-Fiction Coffee Co - Pelham, AL

Bona Zuria - Ethiopia

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Tasting Notes

Chardonnay grapes | stone fruit | wine

Demeka Becha is back and better than ever! Last year was our inaugural offering of this coffee, and we're honored to be able to share it with you this year, too. Although Ethiopia has had their fair share of trials this past year, they've persevered and continued to produce and export some of the world's finest coffees. In times such as these, we're all the more grateful for our partners at Catalyst Trade for sourcing excellent coffee that has the desire and effort behind it to empower communities. We're strong believers in the fact that you can provide incredible quality while seeking the benefit of others. This coffee is no exception to that rule -- in fact, we've loved every sip of this coffee since it arrived to our facility.