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Non-Fiction Coffee Co - Pelham, AL


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Tasting Notes

black tea | chocolate ganache | citrus

Our hope is that Anthology will be continually updated so that the blend is always the epitome of freshness. This iteration of Anthology might just be our favorite version yet. We've combined two excellent coffees from our good friends at Yepocapa Coffee, Las Nubes and Lote Colectivo. These coffees are unique lots to one another in terms of their construction and of their profile. Las Nubes is delightfully complex with sweet, syrup-like consistency and is made up of coffee from the farms of a handful of smallholder producers in Yepocapa. Lote Colectivo, on the other hand, has this distinct buttery, chocolate note that is so balanced and comforting. When paired together, these two coffees truly shine. The blend highlights the best of Lote's chocolate qualities while featuring the sweet, bright characteristic of Las Nubes.