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  • Decaf
Decaf - Colombia - Cauca
Decaf - Colombia - Cauca

Methodical Coffee - Greenville, SC

Decaf - Colombia - Cauca

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Tasting Notes

Sweet Fruit | Lemon | Graham

Decaf gets kind of a bad rap. We want to change that. The decaf we’ve selected is processed using the E.A. method, a natural process which maintains the coffee's integrity during decaffeination. The E.A. process includes soaking the unroasted coffee in a solution of water and Ethyl Acetate (E.A.) to bond to the caffeine, extracting it out of the bean. Once all the caffeine is out, the bean is steamed to remove residual E.A., and voila! You’ve got decaf, baby! Once it gets to us, it’s roasted to bring out the best, and to suit a great many taste buds. We’ve created a coffee with classic flavors, but with a deep and surprising complexity.