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One Village Coffee - Souderton, PA


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Tasting Notes

Intense | Smoke | dark Chocolate

Roast Level | Dark

For years, we called this coffee French Roast, a name familiar to many lovers of dark roasts. But I, Stephen Hoffman (Director of Coffee), will take full responsibility for roasting the old French Roast a bit lighter and lighter each year from about ‘13 to ’16. Eventually we decided to change the name because we all knew it was more of a Vienna Roast than a French Roast and we wanted to own that, so we changed it up to Legend. Back in the French Roast days we used to put Sumatra in there, but no more because the funk was dragging us down. We only live once and we gotta make this thing sing, sing, sing the way we want it to and Central and South American coffees do the trick.

So, how do we get all the flavor, you ask? As one roasts coffee thru the medium phase and into the dark realm, a bunch of things happen. One, you make a ton of smoke, which is fun to watch exit the chimney (contrary to what your neighbors might say, it smells great). Flavor wise the sugars in the beans are going from “Hey, I just melted and I taste like raw sugar” to “Hey, I’m starting to burn a little and taste like caramel” to “Hey, I’m burning up a little more now and I’m tasting bittersweet.” That third spot, where the sugars are burning just to point of bittersweet balance - that right there is our bullseye for Legend. The roasted flavor is just right and the sweetness is still there to balance it out. Yum-town.

A Blend From | Guatemala & Honduras

Certifications | Fair Trade, Organic

Process | Washed

Variety | Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Catuaí

Grown At | 1300 - 1700 M