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Kilamanjaro - Tanzania

Graziella Coffee Company - Queens, NY

Kilamanjaro - Tanzania

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Tasting Notes

chocolate | sweet lime | melon

The combination of chocolatey notes and sweet fruits is really nice, making this another coffee that works both black or with cream and sugar (or your favorite substitutes). It has a refreshing, juicy element that reminded us of drinking limeade on a hot summer day This coffee comes from a registered cooperative in Northern Tanzania called Mwika North. Recently, the cooperative has finished the construction of their own washing station, giving themselves the ability to process coffees from cherry to dried green bean. This has allowed many smallholder farmers in the area to process their coffees more efficiently and at a higher quality than before. Creating a strong cooperative like Mwika North allows farmers access to markets they would otherwise never be able to reach on their own. The power of working collectively puts more eyes on their coffee and increases quality, allowing it to be sold at a premium price when compared to the commodity market rate.

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