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Jinotega - Nicaragua

Graziella Coffee Company - Queens, NY

Jinotega - Nicaragua

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Tasting Notes

caramel | currant | milk chocolate

At first sip this one reminded us of caramel apples, cranberry & red currant scones, and Peruvian dark chocolate. Roasting these beans to medium depth brings forward a strong marriage between sweet, creamy caramel and ripe fruit notes, which go well with it’s medium body and subtle acidity. Once again, we’ve partnered up with Ben and his farming group Gold Mountain Coffee Growers to source this coffee directly. This coffee is a community lot made up of coffees, “grown by several producers in the Jinotega region, bringing you some of the highest quality coffee in Nicaragua, with complete traceability of each coffee. Beans from this region have won the Cup of Excellence many times. However, the Cup of Excellence does not bring steady prices, leaving farmers vulnerable to world markets. Gold Mountain Coffee Growers works on traceability, wet processing, drying, transport, picking techniques, financial management, and much more with these producers.”

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