Indian Filter & Coffee Pack

Akara - New York City, NY

Indian Filter & Coffee Pack

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The perfect starter kit to South Indian Coffee!

Get your filter, and select from either the Golden Bean or the Golden Grind Coffees and get an 8oz bag along with it.

The Golden Grind blend starts sweetly and quietly in the mouth and leaves you with fruity, nutty hints after each sip. This coffee is true to nature - the perfect pick-me-up for slow mornings or those days you have to rush to work!

The Golden Bean's are handpicked at high elevation on the Giri mountains of the Western Ghats. Meticulously processed in ecological pulpers and naturally sun-dried. Then the coffees are roasted with PROBAT radiant heat technology to give uniform roast, aroma, and body. Indulge in dark chocolatey, round coffee.