Ethiopia - Yukro

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Ethiopia - Yukro

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Tasting Notes

red current | black current | honey

process: washed - grade 1
region: Agaro, Jimma Zone
altitude: 2000 masl
varietal: Ethiopia Landraces
special thanks: red fox coffee

Yukro comes to us from the Agaro region of Western Ethiopia, bringing with it a juicy and refreshing tartness like currants, both red and black. While the original Yukro Multipurpose Cooperative was established in 1977, the Yukro we know and love today didn’t find its way to availability until just ten years ago.

Thanks to Technoserve’s initial investment and the stellar leadership of Yukro and Kata Muduga, Yukro’s processing is immaculate, leading to an incredible showcase of the coffee’s natural potential year after year for a ridiculously long time after harvest, the secret? Their processing equipment mechanically removes most of the fruit and mucilage from the seeds, they soak overnight in fiberglass tanks, allowing any remaining sugars to be fully removed from their surface so that the coffees are perfectly clean by the time they hit the drying beds for the eight-plus days they’ll need to dry. Yukro has the good habit of managing the initial 24-48 hours of this stage under a shaded canopy to protect the soaking-wet parchment from direct sunlight, preventing parchment cracking and thereby protecting the beans once they do move into the sun. The result is a consistent cup that is showcased as the middle point in our HELLO ESPRESSO blend.