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Brazil - Mogiana

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Brazil - Mogiana

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Tasting Notes

fudge brownie | walnut | maple syrup

producer: Clayton Mapelli 4th gen. farmer
process: natural / NY2 SSFC Scr. 17/18
varietal: Caturra
altitude: 1200 masl
region: Mogiana

The Mapelli family patriarch, Mr. Luigi Mapelli arrived in Santos in November 1888. Mapelli, an immigrant from Milan, Italy, found work on coffee farms in Caconde. There, Mapelli met his wife, Virginia and together they had 4 children.

Luigi, Virginia and their young family moved to São Sebastião da Grama where they worked on Fazenda Santa Alina. After a lot of effort and careful saving, they purchased Fazenda Forquilha. As their farm prospered, they began purchasing more property and expanding their coffee production.

Clayton Mapelli, one of Luigi’s great-grandchildren and a co-owner of JC&C, continues the Mapelli family tradition of coffee farming. In addition to winning quality competitions and finishing as a finalist in the Cup of Excellence, Clayton has become an ambassador for Vale da Grama’s excellent microclimates for coffee production.