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Guatemala - Selva Bella

Chapin Coffee - Chicago, IL

Guatemala - Selva Bella

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Tasting Notes

Floral | Honey | Clean

The central highlands of Huehuetenango, Guatemala are known for producing some of the finest coffees in Central America. Coffee can be cultivated here at elevations of up to 6,500 feet. This extreme elevation allows for a slow maturation process which infuses the coffee bean with more complex sugars, yielding deeper, more interesting flavors. Our Selva Bella Medium roast offers the best opportunity to taste the origin characteristics of the Huehuetenango bean, preserving the regional hints of floral and fruit while introducing a delicate sweetness to the cup.

The floral and honey notes in Selva Bella are a natural fit with baked goods such as flan and cinnamon rolls.

Co-op / Association: ASOBAGRI Association
Altitude: 5900 ft (1800 m)