Halo Beriti - Ethiopia

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Halo Beriti - Ethiopia

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Tasting Notes

Jasmine | Vanilla | Lychee Syrup

In the heart of Yirgacheffe you’ll find Halo Beriti, a new washing station managed by Abeyot Ageze. Abeyot is a born and bred coffee grower - generations of his family have made their living as farmers. Like most of the smallholders in his area, Abeyot grows his crops - including enset (Ethiopian banana), potato, cereal grains, and of course coffee - right in his own yard.At the Halo Beriti washing station, Abeyot serves as operational manager. The station collects cherries from 520 neighboring smallholders, whose average plots are no larger than a hectare. Abeyot uses water from the Worka river to wash the coffee. Fermentation times vary between 45 and 65 hours, depending on the weather. The parchment dries for 7 to 10 days.