Finca Rosma

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Finca Rosma

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  • Milk Chocolate | Bright Berry

We have bought from Freddy and Alejandro at Finca Rosma for several years now, but through their program for micro-lotting coffees from surrounding farms. This year the opportunity opened up to purchase a couple small lots of coffee from their own farm and we jumped at the opportunity.

Freddy and Alejandro are second generation farmers in one of the most famous growing regions in the world; Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Their father started this farm and helped push development in the surrounding area with investment in infrastructure like a much needed road. Their washing station feels like it's perched on a knifes edge, with shear drops on either side of land containing coffee and native trees. For years they worked to win the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence and after coming in second in 2010 they are regularly placing high in this best of Guatemala competition.

This coffee is a lot they call "Colibri" and it's from an older area of the farm with Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra - the older and typically better cupping varieties of coffee. This is a fantastic representation of everything we love about this coffee region; we get a smooth mouthfeel with dominant milk chocolate richness. However, in addition to the chocolate sweetness we get a lot of balanced berry brightness, which is rare in Guatemalan coffees but a hallmark of a really excellent one!