Costa Rica - Finca Cedral Alto Natural

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Costa Rica - Finca Cedral Alto Natural

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Tasting Notes

Plum | Anisette | Syrupy

Origin: Aserrí, Costa Rica

Process: Natural

Varietals: Red/Yellow Catuaí

Altitude: 1850 MASL

Finca Cedral Alto is in the Terrazu region of Costa Rica and sits at 1850 MASL. This is their first crop! Jorge Vasquez runs the farm, bringing with him 43 years of production experience. His goal is simple - to continue his family’s tradition of coffee growing and to improve specialty coffee for Costa Rica. Sean had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica and meet the Roble Negro team in March. After meeting and seeing their heart for sustainability he decided to purchase two lots from them, a washed and natural, both made up of red and yellow catuai. The natural process coffee tastes like plum and anissette and has a syrupy body. Finca Cedral Alto has seven water sources that contribute to the flora and fauna of the farm. Due to this they can rely on the microorganisms of the mountain to act as a natural and sustainable herbicide, resulting in better tasting coffee. The team at Roble Negro invites you as you drink their coffee to be a part of their family. We are so proud to begin this long term relationship with Roble Negro!