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Ethiopia - Harrar

Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters - Baltimore, MD

Ethiopia - Harrar

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Tasting Notes

Berries | Cocoa | Pleasant Body

This coffee comes from the highlands of the Harrar Region in Eastern Ethiopia. This is a unique coffee due to the age and history of this coffee growing region. Harrar has some of the oldest, tallest Heirloom varieties of coffee trees grown anywhere on earth. These coffee trees in turn produce large, high quality coffees. This crop of coffee is natural processed, laid on drying patios and roofs while still in the cherry and produces incredible cupping notes. This cup offers subtile blueberry and strawberry notes upfront with nice cocoa notes and pleasant body to fishing. This coffee is locally sourced and roasted in Baltimore.
Cupping notes: Berris - Cocoa - Pleasant Body
Roast Level: Full City (Med)
Processing Method: Natural Processed
Varietal: Heirloom
1800 MASL