Ethiopia - Acacia

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Ethiopia - Acacia

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Tasting Notes

White Grape | Raw Honey | Juicy

Named for EthiopiaÕs national tree, this sweet, fruity profile is a classic example of a Sidamo coffee profile. The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange grades all coffees, including this lot, to guarantee their provenance. This coffee is produced by the smallholder farmers who characterize the coffee production landscape of Ethiopia. Sidamo encompasses many terroirs, but farming across the region is traditionally low input and the attributes of the plants and the land are captured in every harvest.
Acacia is prepped for export at Tracon TradingÕs coffee cleaning and storage plant on 30,000 sq meters of land in Addis Ababa. The plant is equipped with modern Pinhalense coffee processing machines and a Buhler Z+ color sorter. The machine has the capacity of processing six tons per hour. All the processing jobs are mechanical and electronic including final hand picking on conveyor belts. The six storage silos of the plant have a capacity of accommodating about 15,000 metric tons of coffee at a time. The warehouses are clean, with ample lighting and ventilation, which are very ideal for keeping the quality of the coffee.


Region: Sidamo
Producers: Various Shareholders
Variety: Heirloom
ALT: 1800m
Process: Natural
Importer: Ally Coffee