Downhill Flow
Downhill Flow

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Downhill Flow

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Tasting Notes

Jasmine | Melon | Tangerine | Black Tea

Our Downhill Flow is a coffee that is on the lighter side of medium, allowing you to tackle the start to your day (any part of the day, really) without your coffee getting in the way. We always use an Ethiopian bean for this roast. Ethiopian coffees are noted for their amazing taste, so not roasting it too dark allows you to take in all of the flavor notes!  This version of Downhill Flow has Ethiopian Guji Hambala beans. The Guji region enjoys ideal coffee growing conditions. Its volcanic soil is bursting with nutrients, creating deep red and brown top-layer of soil. The regions' high altitude, bi-modal rainfall pattern and dry weather allow for the cherries to develop slowly.

Ethiopia Guji Hambala

Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Melon, Tangerine, Black Tea and Cherry

Region: Guji and Oromia

Altitude: 1900-2100 meters

Process: Washed

Variety: Ethiopean heirlooms

Producer: Various small farmers