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Decaf - Colombia

Honest Coffee Roasters - Franklin, TN

Decaf - Colombia

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Tasting Notes

Cherry | Almond | Hickory

Region: Planadas, Tolima

Producer:  Small Farm Producers

Varietals: Arabica, Sugarcane EA  

Process: Mixed

Notes: Cherry, Almond, Hickory

We take a lot of pride in roasting this exceptional decaf coffee. Due to the sugarcane processing method, which is a natural way of removing the caffeine, we can be proud of the decaf that we roast! It uses a component found in sugar cane, with will naturally bind to caffeine, removing it from the bean. With this method, there is no soaking the beans in water, no harsh chemicals, resulting in a smoother and tastier cup. It’s non-traditional, complex and sweet, and has notes of sweet cherries, maple syrup and candied almond. 

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