Decaf Coffees Subscription
Decaf Coffees Subscription

Honey & Roses Coffee Co.

Decaf Coffees Subscription

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Sample your way through some of the best roasters across the US. With each delivery, you will receive a fantastic new coffee, roast to order and personalized based upon your selected preferences:

  1. Tell us how you like your coffee roast
  2. Select how you want your coffee ground: Whole bean, french press, pour over, espresso etc.
  3. Let us know how frequently you wish to receive a delivery. The price includes shipping.

If you know you like/dislike particular flavors or profiles, just make a note on your order and we will take care of the rest.

    We place orders for freshly roasted beans on Monday's, so we expect to have the first batch to you no later than the following week.

    If you come across a specific coffee you prefer, you can subscribe to it directly on our Partners page.

    You can cancel your subscription or skip a box at anytime.

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