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Cuilco Regional - Guatemala

Corvus Coffee Roasters - Denver, CO

Cuilco Regional - Guatemala

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Tasting Notes

sweet | smooth | reliable

This is a coffee I bought for our Dead Reckoning blend - I remember the first time I referred to our Guatemalan regional coffees as "Blenders," Eduardo - our exporting partner in Guatemala - tilted his head a little, "Well, the coffees you buy for blends are not really 'blenders'..."

I've worked with Eduardo, Alejandro, and Fredy to develop blends of 86+ coffees (think 91 point wine) from different regions in Huehuetenango for the last four years. The Rosma micro-lot program is one of the best anywhere and these coffees have become exceptional! It feels like we've ran out of Guatemalan coffee too early, and after multiple emails asking about el Plan and Mezcal single origins I decided it isn't just a feeling.

This coffee comes from multiple small producers in Cuilco - high in the Cuchumatanes mountains of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Lots of wonderful Chichimes indigenous farmers live in this area and Rosma's micro-lot program has increased their income significantly!

This is Cuilco: Sweet, smooth and Resiliently Reliable.