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Brazil - Ipe

Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters - Baltimore, MD

Brazil - Ipe

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Tasting Notes

Big Body | Caramel | dark Chocolate

This Coffee comes from our importer BodhiLeaf in California and is a high quality blend of coffee growers in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. This is a natural processed Brazil coffee where the coffee cherries are dried on a drying patio until the correct moisture is met. Brazil Ipe is named after the famous trees in the Minas Gerais region. We cupped this as a classic Brazil coffee with a big body, dark chocolate notes with nutty and caramel notes. Sustainable Sourced, Locally Roasted.

Cupping notes: Nutty - Caramel - Dark Chocolate - Big Body
Roast Level: Full City+ (Med)
Processing Method: Natural
Varietal: Mundo Novo, Yellow Catui
1050 MASL

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