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Kenya - Karogoto

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Kenya - Karogoto

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Tasting Notes

Fig | Kiwi | Brown Sugar

This coffee is milled at the Karogoto Factory (washing station/wet mill), one of four members which make up Tekangu Farmers Society. Karogoto has 1,577 member - farmers (518 female & 1,059 male producers) with plots averaging about 0.4 hectares.The management team constantly works to improve their sourcing and cultivation systems for traceability and quality control, which are demonstrated through their Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certifications. Ephraim Maina Muthee (factory manager at Karogoto) has worked with the mother cooperative, Tekangu, to fund agronomical training for some of the members, metal drying beds to improve consistency in quality, and water-recycling systems to turn wastewater from coffee processing into drinking water. In recent years, Karogoto has been able to give more than 85% of the sales price back to its members. We sourced this coffee from Grand Paradé Coffee, an incredible export/import partner that not only pays their farmers significantly above Fair Trade prices, but they also take the profits from the sales of their roasted coffee and redistribute it back to the farmers. This fully integrated system gives farmers a fighting chance to build their own wealth. The acidity and complexity of Karogoto shine on most pour over methods. We recommend using water that’s on the hotter side (just under boiling temperature) and to keep the total brew time under 4 minutes for a 400 gr brew to extract the best of the kiwi-like acidity and sweet fruit notes. In order to highlight darker molasses and raisin notes, you may stretch the brew time and reduce the water temperature. This coffee has a lively acidity that is citric and kiwi-like with a medium and round body.