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Democratic Republic of Congo - Umoja

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Democratic Republic of Congo - Umoja

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Tasting Notes

Lemon Zest | Honey | Orange

Umoja Cooperative was born 10 years ago in order to create solidarity amongst the farmers in South Kivu, D. R. of Congo. The people knew that joining forces would make them less vulnerable against commodity market volatility and pooling resources would enable them to invest back in their communities more easily. Currently, Umoja Cooperative consists of 11,600 members who inhabit the land between Lake Kivu and Mitumba mountain range to the further West. Umoja coffee is a community lot. In other words, around 1000 smallholders (0.5 hectare/ farmer on average) contribute to this larger lot. Mighty Peace Coffee exported and imported Umoja Coffee. The company was born in 2018 and founded by an international team with a diverse background. It is one of the very few Congolese coffee importers that has partial Congolese ownership and has an all-women executive team. Mighty Peace is determined to build a new sourcing model where producers have a seat at the table, while also encouraging a smaller carbon footprint in coffee cultivation.