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Decaf - Sidamo - Ethiopia

Boon Boona Coffee - Renton, WA

Decaf - Sidamo - Ethiopia

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Tasting Notes

Citrus | Nougat | Chocolate

We have a new and freshly decaffeinated coffee from Sidamo region: Mullege. SUCAFINA has been building relationships in Ethiopia for over a decade and Lalisaa is their most recent project that is geared towards community empowerment. Mullege is a dry- processed Sidamo regional blend with citrus freshness and acidity, a nougat finish, and full body. Swiss Water believes that coffee drinkers deserve a choice in how their coffee is decaffeinated. The Swiss Water®Process is a sustainable, transparent decaffeination method using water and the natural compounds in green coffee to gently remove caffeine—without leaving the residue chemical solvents do. It preserves the unique origin flavors, taste, and characteristics of the bean, resulting in amazing coffee without caffeine.